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Why the Berliner Tafel?

From each sold "Fonesling" Keest donates 1€ for a good cause. Since we wanted to support a non-profit association in our neighborhood we decided to help the Berliner Tafel e.V.
Not only the geographical position convinced us, but we also like the actions of the organization and it's easy for us to inform ourselves about the latest initiatives.

About the Berliner Tafel e.V.:

The Berliner Tafel e.V. opposes waste and poverty. Since 1993, it has been collecting unsold but fresh food, thereby supporting 125,000 needy Berliners per month. Edible food is collected at up to 600 supermarkets every day throughout Berlin, and then sorted and distributed. The Berliner Tafel supports around 300 social institutions with food. At 45 Berlin LAIB and SEELE distribution points, needy people receive food for their daily needs. In the KIMBA program, children cook and eat vegetarian meals together, learn how to handle food sustainably and experience the value of healthy food. The Berliner Tafel is supported in all its activities by around 2,000 volunteer helpers. The Berliner Tafel works independently and is funded exclusively by donations and membership fees.

1 idea, 7 days a week, 19 vehicles, 45 distribution points, 300 social institutions, 600 grocery stores, 2,000 volunteers, 4,000 children participating in KIMBA every year and around 125,000 needy supported monthly by the work of the Berliner Tafel.

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