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keest Berlin | News

News on keest Berlin | Store - Phone necklaces, AirPod Straps, handbags and other accessories as well as clothing on Keest Berlin.

Our new e:slings for bluetooth headphones

You can finally leave your AirPod case at home thanks to our magnectic AirPod straps. Find more details here.You can either wear them casual combined with our black and red nylon strap or as a piece of jewellry with our gold pleated chain necklace (14ct).
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Happy Easter!

... and because nobody is untroubled by the current situation we'd like to gift you with a tiny Easter discount. Just use the code "happylimette", send your order and enjoy -10% off your order. Well then, happy Easter!
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available now: our q:bag

Finally our first handmade bag is available. Since we produce each bag after order in our studio in Berlin it may come to longer delivery times. We also customize our bags. If you have any wishes just drop us a mail.
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Customize your phone necklace!

You can find our new customized phone necklace here.Also available for all new iPhone models including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
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Finally: fonesling available for Huawei p20 series

Time for something new: we've added the Huawei p20 series (standard, lite and pro) to our assortment. Shop online now.
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VDPH x Keest Berlin

We've teamed up with vdPH for a sepcial collab. Shop the sweater exclusively at keest berlin - more to come!
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